Everything on-line

Office Connect

Without doubt the best way of integrating the computer functions of a business working from various locations: different offices, from home, on the road.

Your programs look the same and work the same, but now you can use them on any PC, anywhere, anytime, even when the computers back at your office are turned off.

Using Symetrics ‘Office Connect’ you can access your company’s existing applications and data from anywhere on any PC with internet access. The person working at the next desk could just as easily work from the other side of the world.

The applications run on powerful servers housed in secure data centres. Users are simply connected to the servers over an internet connection and can use the applications just as if they were running on the PC in front of them. This technology is tried and trusted in large organisations. Symetrics simply uses the knowhow to bring the benefits to smaller businesses.

online services backup applications remote accessRemote access
Do you have certain Word or Excel files which you want everybody in your business to have access to, from wherever they are? You can update those files from anywhere, and have them instantly available to everybody else, wherever they are.

Email & Microsoft Exchange
That vital email can arrive simultaneously on your office PC, your mobile phone, your laptop and your home PC. And you can reply using any of them. Or your secretary can make an appointment for you in the office, and immediately, wherever you are, the calendar on your phone or laptop will be updated.

On-line backup
By using the internet to backup your vital files we can protect you against any disaster at your premises. And because we check that the backups are working correctly you can sleep easy at night. All backups are duplicated to physically separate locations to ensure bomb-proof protection. And there are real people available to help you in an emergency.

Website development
You need a new website, but don’t know where to start? We understand the process of building a world-class website. We have access to the best designers and the best coders. We make sure the delivery matches the promise, ensuring that your website gives you what you need now, rather than in “just a couple of weeks”.