Disaster recovery

  • How well do you sleep at night?
  • Do you worry about about all the disasters that could befall your business?

You can’t forecast a disaster, but you can do your best to prepare for the possibility. If some major event does affect your business, and you haven’t planned for business continuity and disaster recoverythat day, your business is likely to fail.

Symetrics can provide the expertise and services that form the core of your business continuity strategy. From consultancy, to building secure and resilient systems, to backup services, to infrastructure you can call on should you need to. We can for example provision a fall-back email system so that should your main system fail you will still be able to communicate with your customers and suppliers.

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Prevention is better than cure
We can protect you from external threats with state of the art firewalls and security. We can install systems with built-in resiliency which will just keep on working. We can maintain and monitor your computers to identify problems before they become serious.

Disaster Recovery planning
No matter how good your systems there is always the chance that an act of God (or mortal) will disastrously affect your business. Unless you have planned for that day you will probably be sunk. We can help prepare a suitable plan and provide the technical resources that will get you back up to speed in the fastest time.

On-line backup
By using the internet to backup your vital files we can protect your data against any disaster at your premises. And because we check that the backups are working correctly you can sleep easy at night. All backups are duplicated to two physically separate locations to ensure bomb-proof protection.

Office Connect
The most resilient platform on which to run your business-critical applications. And because you can work from anywhere, even if your premises and computers are totally destroyed, you could be working from another location within hours. With your programs and data exactly as you last used them.